CBW 2017 at Kudu featuring Westbrook Brewing Co.

Sep 16, 12:00pm to 5:00pm
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Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer featuring Westbrook Brewing Company

My brother, Josh and I took the reins of the closed-down Kudu Coffee House in February 2010 and began the process of creating Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer.  That same year Edward and Morgan Westbrook opened the doors of Westbrook Brewing Co. across the bridge in Mount Pleasant. Our first event with the Westbrooks was a "Meet the Brewers" night on April 19, 2012. We had a grand total of four taps. Killing it, right? On tap were Covert Hops, Westbrook Tripel, Pacific Jade & Evil Twin Biscotti Break (brewed at Westbrook). 

Edward & Morgan came, beers were consumed and good times were had. 

In 2012, we hosted a collaborative event with Bell's Brewing & Westbrook Brewing and things got a bit more interesting. The Westbrooks had a wider array of offerings by then and they displayed in grand fashion what their brewery was capable of. It was an event I will always remember. It was bigger and better than anything we'd ever done at Kudu and much of that credit goes directly to Edward and Morgan. 

Since then, Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer and Westbrook Brewing Company have partnered on numerous events and we have always appreciated their generosity and enjoyed their offerings.

But as life goes, things have changed since 2010. Growing families, businesses and busyness seem to be everyone’s current reality. Time visiting local breweries and building those relationships has decreased, yet we continue to have great respect for the Westbrooks, their beer and their business. 

This year for our Charleston Beer Week event we wanted to take a little trip down memory lane and check in with the Westbrooks regarding the possibility of another collaboration. My hope was to have an event featuring their flagships with the addition of four or five specialty kegs, however, as the past has taught us, Edward had bigger and better things in mind.

So with that said, we are very excited to present our 2017 CBW event featuring Westbrook Brewing Company, hosted by yours truly, Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer.

On Saturday, September 16th from 12pm - 5pm we hope you will join us to celebrate small beginnings and bright futures with the fine folks of the Charleston beer community as Edward and Morgan Westbrook once again put on a fine display of their capabilities.

And from Josh and I, thanks to all of you who have ever stopped by for a beer! We have really enjoyed creating Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer and have greatly appreciated your support over the last seven and a half years!




So with no further ado...

The event will begin at 12 pm. You must be 21 years old to enter! $15 at the door will get you entry into the event and a limited edition, custom printed Teku Glass created specifically for this event. This will be your drinking vessel for the day and yours to take home. We will have three separate bars set up in order to keep you waiting less. We will be able to take payment at each bar. Cards only please.  We will be selling/serving double-decker smash burgers in the courtyard. 

Tap List*

-White Thai

-One Claw Rye Pale Ale

-One Claw Rye Pale Ale - Orange Cream “Frickle”

-Westbrook IPA

-Two Claw IPA

-Two Claw - Peach Clawbler

-Galaxy Rinse & Repeat IPA

-Citrus Redacted Imperial IPA


-Mojito Gose

-Margarita Gose

-Key Lime Pie Gose

-Rhubarb Remix

    German-style Berliner Weisse brewed with the traditional no boil method, and then infused with                strawberries and rhubarb

-Grand Mere

    Strong ale aged in cognac barrels for 12 months then aged on 300 lbs of fresh oranges

-Cognac Barrel Aged Can Can Cerise

-Cabernet Barrel Aged 5th Anniversary Chocolate Raspberry Imperial Stout

-2014 Mexican Cake

-2015 Mexican Cake

-2016 Mexican Cake

-2017 Mexican Cake


*Tap List is accurate as long as everything ships and is delivered according to plan. If anything changes we'll let you know. 

**No Flights Available 

***Pesky Details - This really is a 21 and up event. We've never been too strict on this because we are all about our families. But please consider getting sitters for your lovely children. We love chidren and we have a few ourselves. And for that very reason, in our humble opion, we think it's best to let them enjoy their Saturday and not have to be in a crowded courtyard with adults  drinking 10% stouts.  - Doggies - If you bring your pup, please keep it on a leash and close by. It may be extremely crowded in the courtyard and we've had a few unfortunate situations in the past. Sorry to step on toes. I don't mean to. If you have any questions please email me at info@kuducharleston.com