Charleston Beer Week

Charleston Beer Week logo!

It's no secret that Charleston has an amazing craft beer scene! So, when the opportunity presented itself to be a lead sponsor for the second annual Charleston Beer Week (September 7-13th), we didn't hesitate for a second. What's not to like about an entire week of craft beer events (42 and counting!) taking place all over the tri-county area and organized by our friends over at CHSBeer?

As for us, we knew that we wanted our event to showcase our local breweries, who we're pretty fond of (if you haven't guessed by now). We decided on FOUR local casks being poured from our beer engines, plus TWENTY additional drafts from all EIGHT of our local breweries. Here's what we were pouring during the night:

  • COAST Brewing - ALTerior Motive, All Chinook Pale Ale, Cask of September Saison
  • Fat Pig Brewing - Pirate Coffee Black IPA, Sword Gate Saison
  • Freehouse Brewery - Cask of IPA with peaches, Ashley Farmhouse Ale
  • Frothy Beard Brewing - Zingbier, Hoppy Baby Pale Ale, Choconaut Stout 
  • Holy City Brewing Cask of Pluff Mud Porter conditioned with Tanzania Tweega AA Coffee (roasted by Kudu!) & blueberries, Muy Amigo (IPA w/ jalapeno, cilantro & pineapple), In The Wheat Of The Night, Sup Baby?, Yeast Wrangler
  • Palmetto Brewing - Cask of "The 5 Hole" stout conditioned with ghost peppers & cinnamon, Espresso Porter, Pale Ale
  • Tradesman Brewing - Fig Saison, Circuit Breaker IPA, Weders Agave Wheat
  • Westbrook Brewing - Siberian Black Magic Panther aged in Apple Brandy barrels, Mexican Cake, Märzenbier, One Claw Rye Pale Ale

As if that wasn't enough, we had food served up by Hot Links Homemade Sausage, while The Steady Hand String Band provided live bluegrass in our courtyard all night. T-shirts and pint glasses were passed out to many, and we think everyone left feeling pretty good! 

We had an amazing time and want to thank everyone who came out to join us.

So, cheers to Charleston Beer Week - we'll definitely see you next year!

~Team Kudu

Chalk board lets you know what's up! (photo by Ryan Johnson,
Frothy Beard Brewing Co. & Palmetto Brewing Co = brothers in beerdom. (photo by Ryan Johnson,
A cask pour from our beer engine. (photo by Ryan Johnson,
The Stead Hand String Band. (photo by Ryan Johnson,
Ryan (CHSBeer), David (COAST Brewing Co.), and our own Jason Bell. (photo by Ryan Johnson,
What it was all about! (photo by Ryan Johnson,