Cask Program

A cask of Westbrook IPA with Habanero Peppers, Blood Oranges & Amarillo Hops!

We enjoy the experience of drinking a really nice beer. We especially enjoy drinking a really nice beer and sharing that experience with others.

A few years ago we were first introduced to cask ale through one of our local craft beer retailers here in Charleston, SC. We sat at our kitchen table, opened the growler and poured two pints. Instantly we were amazed by how smooth, intensely floral, yet drinkable the IPA was that we had tasted so many times before as keg beer. In fact, the more we consumed (as you do), the more wonderful the experience became and the more we continued to converse about the lovely qualities that this cask ale exemplified.

As years went by we found ourselves chasing “Cask Events” around town. We also found ourselves making trips to England in order to visit family who reside there. This was our first introduction to the pub culture and of course, cask ale (Real-Ale) being dispensed through a proper beer engine, or hand pump. We were hooked.

After numerous trips to the U.K. and a good bit of research, we decided to permanently install a beer engine of our own at Kudu on December 5, 2013. With this came the responsibility to purchase the casks we needed, but also presented the opportunity to work directly with our local breweries in order to procure the beers we wanted to serve through the beer engine.

For your enjoyment and ours, we try to have a cask on offer daily and we do our utmost to ensure that we serve the beer in a way that honors the great tradition of real-ale. So when you stop by to see us, belly-up to the bar and have our staff serve you a hand-pulled pint of something local and delicious. Cheers!